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I have a moment so I thought I’d write a recap of the past few months.

We went to Spokane over the kids spring break – it was a nice time with family. We went to Lake Couer D’Alene for a little bit. We went to parks. And basically hung out with family. My mom was in the hospital for a couple of the days we were there so we saw her there as well. Things are o.k. now.

In June, Benjamin and Ella turned 6. We had a combined birthday party with another set of boy/girl twins that were born 2 days after Benjamin and Ella at the Mountlake Terrace Swimming pool – that party was with our Parkwood Elementary friends. That was a lot of fun! We also had one at our house for our non-Parkwood friends. That was a lot of fun as well.

The twins finished up kindergarten. I took a picture of them on the last day and compared it to their first day and they certainly have grown!

Over the summer, Benjamin will be starting baseball through the YMCA and also taking a soccer class through Shoreline Parks & Rec. Ella is taking swimming lessons at the Y and taking the same soccer class as Benjamin. Nicholas wanted a mom and child swim class but it was already full. Not sure if we’re going to sign him up for anything until he develops more of an interest in things.

At this time of this writing, I have an annoying cold that I hope will go away soon as I’ll be heading over to Spokane next Friday for a cousin’s wedding. I can’t wait to see my family! I’ll just be going on my own as they requested that no children come. It’s o.k. – we’ll all be going over to Spokane in August for a family reunion (but on the other side of the family) so they’ll see everyone then!

And that’s about it for the time being.

And now, I’ll do a recap on all of the books I’ve read since my last post on that. That will probably take a while…


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Unknown. I’m just not sure what to write about for today’s post so maybe I’ll just tell you about my weekend.

Saturday morning I took our CRV in for 75,000 checkup – it needs $1500 worth of work. Joy! The latest of things to fall apart on us that needs to be repaired. UGH!

But let’s move onto the better part of the weekend. It was beautiful here in Seattle this weekend. In the 70s! After I got home from the checkup, we loaded up the kids in the minivan and drove to UW (we were going to take the bus from Northgate but I was at the checkup longer than anticipated and the kids wanted to see Harry the Husky). We got there and looked around Drumheller Fountain and made our way up to Red Square where a bulk of the events were taking place. We found Harry and Nicholas was the most excited of the three of them. Of course, he ran up and gave Harry a hug while my phone was not out! There was a guy with a camera there recording it so maybe he’s out there on video somewhere loving on Harry. We also listed to a group play on the drums that my kids were rather interested in.

After wandering a bit more through campus, we took a bus to downtown to watch the Glee flash mob. I had signed up for this but never did practice so I just went to watch (Thanks to Kelly for letting us know where and when to find them). We got there a bit early so we walked down to Pike Street Market and to look out over the water. We really need to take our kids on a ferry sometime! After watching the flash mob, we got back on the bus to head back to UW to get our car and back home. (I went off to Costco but that part isn’t so interesting).

The next day, after church we went to go see a powwow at UW. Benjamin was the most interested in that. Nicholas and Ella just wanted to wander around the arena than watch. The parts I did see were interesting but after a while, honestly, I was bored too. When we got back home, Ella and I went to Target to pick up some sandals for her – she picked Hello Kitty – I am so shocked by that.

Anyway, that was our weekend. When we weren’t out and about, the kids were playing in the backyard and on the deck while I did some laundry (though yesterday, I had a rather annoying headache so I went to my bed for a bit to rest).

Wish it would stay in the 70s and sunny for awhile, but nope. We are going back to the 60s and rain after today. Boo!


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It’s annoying (and sometimes hurtful – depending on the person and topic) when I send an e-mail to someone – whether a person I know or a government agency – and I never get a response though the e-mail is asking for a response and I know they’ve read my message.

I must be tired if I go into the restroom and I nearly fall asleep. Is the famous 2nd trimester burst of energy here yet? I honestly don’t know how much longer I can function like this. I told Jon last night that I can’t do this – I can’t take care of twin toddlers and be pregnant at the same time – it’s too draining. How do others do it? How in the world did Angelina do it? Sure, she probably had help from nannies, but still – she was a mother of 4 already! Trina – how in the world did you do it? You didn’t have nanny help. Any other mothers want to share their stories?

One day at a WW meeting someone mentioned that a certain store was selling Popchips – they were supposed to be healthy for you and they tasted good. Well, the next time I was at that certain store, I bought some and they were the yum! So I wanted to get some more when I ran out and there were no more to be had and they didn’t seem to think they should order more! So sad. I can find a teeny tiny bag at the grocery store, but I liked the bigger bag I got at this store. They must bring back Popchips!

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Dates and Parks

We started out our weekend by going to a friend’s house after Ben & Ella went to bed (mother-in-law stayed with them). We got there about 9 and left about 10. I was seriously tired and it was way past my bed time but I felt like I hadn’t seen anyone in forever. We actually left the house about the time I go to bed these days.

Saturday, Jon and I went on a lunch date and spent his gift card he got to UVillage on the lunch and some goodies at B&N. I got a couple books, Jon got a CD, and we got our children a book – they love the puzzle pieces that were inside the book – they were big eggs. Great for putting into their mouth and fighting over. Later on that day, we just spent some time playing outside on the deck and on the playset we got for the kids. Benjamin decided to climb up to the slide and go down headfirst. That boy is becoming more daring as he grows older. He is starting to walk and will just let go of whatever he’s holding onto and walk toward someone without them realizing what he’s doing until he falls into their laps. He thinks it is hilarious. He has been great progress in his walking abilities so I don’t think it will be too long before he’ll be walking on his own.

Ella has also learned a new word – outside. She will stand by our french doors and yell loudly with something that sounds like outside. She will bring you her shoes for you to put on her so she can go outside. She will give you her shoes, sit down in your lap and wait for you to put on her shoes. It’s rather cute.

Oh, before Jon and I went on our date, I went over to a certain store while Ben & Ella were napping so I could get some baby stuff, but most importantly, so I could get the 4th book in the Twilight series (it was cheaper at this place than anywhere else I had seen). I walk directly to the books (well, there was a minor stop in the clothing section and I picked up a couple $10 shirts – what a deal!), and went to the endcap thinking that’s where the book would be since it just came out that day. There were none. I thought – there is no way that all 250 copies (I checked) would be gone already, but I couldn’t find them. Turns out – they were over in the “young adult” section. Phew! (I checked this morning and as of this morning, 39 were left at this particular store with more on the way).

Anywho, on Sunday, we decided to not take Ben & Ella to the Blue Angels show this year. Maybe next year, we will take them when Jon’s mom offered to watch the new baby for us (funny that when she said that I had kinda forgotten I was pregnant – I don’t know when it will sink in). Later that day, we did meet some friends at a nearby park and had some fun there. I guess when Jon and Ella were down on one of the baseball fields, Ella thought she would pretend she was Lou Piniella by trying (though Lou succeeded) to pull up 1st base – she got rather frustrated trying to do that. Benjamin walked between Kelly and I – he thought that was great fun.

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More Pictures

New pictures of Benjamin and Ella on flickr.

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Pictures of Benjamin & Ella

If you’d like to see pics of Benjamin & Ella – I’ve added some recent ones to flickr that the daycare took as well as a few that Shannon (Jon’s friend from college) took at her party we went to. You might notice that most of the time, they are wearing their sleepers to the daycare. If they are wearing something besides a sleeper, it would be me who dressed him/her. I will dress them if I have time in the morning before my ride shows up or I have to go catch the bus. Jon takes them to daycare in the morning and doesn’t like to have them in something besides a sleeper.

Someday, I’ll get around to uploading the ones that we took.

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I was going through my old e-mails on hotmail to try to move all the e-mails I want to keep over to gmail, and I came across an e-mail that Jon had sent to me on 06/15/06. This was before we had even done the IVF cycle that would lead us to having twins.

Jon said to me, after I was talking about my coworker having her third child, that we’ll have children someday, then he says…

“what if we have twins…the girl will be like ‘it’s time to go, we don’t want to be late” and the boy will be like “uh…lemme do something first, then I’ll start the process to get ready’……funny if they have different b-days.”

It’s funny because Ella is very interested in getting going on doing stuff – she wants to crawl already – in fact, even better, walking! Benjamin is so laid back but he seems to be our talker.

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Benjamin totally just said Mommy – he was in the exercauser looking up at me crying as he said it. Jon heard it too. There have been a few times that it sounded like he said “MOOOOOMMMMMM”, but this time it sounded like “Mooommmmyyyy” 😀

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Twin Talk & December

Yesterday afternoon when I finally got to the daycare (after spending 45 minutes trying to get from First Hill to Shoreline), I went straight to my babies and said hello to them. They smiled. Then the day care provider (DCP from now on) asked me if I wanted to sign the babies out (apparently, I was supposed to be doing this all this time), so I said yes just as soon as I was reaching down to get Ella. I went to go over to sign the book, and I think Ella thought I was leaving her again as she started to cry Jon was telling me that the DCP told him that Ella will cry when he leaves in the morning. Aww sweetie! Mommy and papa don’t want to leave you! I quickly signed them out and went to go pick up Ella. She was a happy girl…until later when she had gotten tired of playing in the exercauser and well, wanted to sleep. She was a bit mad at me for making her wait until I could finish putting the silverware in the dishwasher (we desperately needed more bottles cleaned). Her little face got so red. I felt so bad. I snuggled with her for a while after that. I gave her some food and she promptly fell asleep, but in true Ella fashion, she woke up the second I put her in her crib. She started to talk to the bears hanging from the mobile. She kept waking up last night – she must be teething – this is not like her to keep waking up that much. I think Benjamin might have slept the entire night except for maybe one little squeak that a pacifier helped with.

This morning, Benjamin saw that I was leaving and he started to cry. I bent down (he was in the bouncy seat) and I gave him a kiss and gave him my hand. He got a hold of my glove and wouldn’t let it go. He had a smile on his face at that moment as if to say, “you can’t go now. I have you.” I broke free of his strong grasp, and headed toward the door. He started crying again. Aww – he didn’t want me to leave. I wanted so much to stay, but I couldn’t. I had to walk really fast to the bus stop to make it there on time. I can’t wait until we have another car so we can spend more time with each other in the morning and maybe I can switch my work hours so I can get home earlier (if I’m given the approval).

December is going to be a busy month as it is every year, but this year, is even busier. We’ve met new people through our childbirth classes so we’re getting together with them, and this year, most of my support group are parents so we’re getting together to celebrate. What a wonderful year we’ve all had. Except for one lady who had her baby in late 2006, we’ve all had our babies in 2007 (that reminds me, I need to send a birthday card to my friend’s child who turns 1 on Sunday).

This weekend, we’re going to a friend’s choir concert and to a Toys for Tots event that another friend does every year. Hopefully, the weather cooperates!

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Midday at Midweek Post

Not much to write about today. Today has been a busy day, but I’m able to take a lunch break today though I’m only here for another 2 hours. I don’t really want to go to my doctor appointment, but it will be nice to see my babies a little earlier than I normally do (assuming the doctor’s office is running on time). It was nice to go to the day care this morning with Jon – it gave me more time to spend with Benjamin and Ella than I normally get to in the mornings as I’m usually out the door by 6:20 and that’s about when they wake up.

Jon had a post about looking back a year ago when we found out we were having twins. It’s funny and interesting to look back at your thoughts to that time. I wrote a post last year about the thought of having twins and how hard that would be and the possibility of going on bedrest – funny. Taking care of twins is certainly hard, but I do love those two cuties.

Speaking of cuties, I’m guessing that Benjamin and Ella weren’t chosen in the baby model contest as I haven’t heard anything yet – they obviously don’t know cute when they see it.

We’ve been invited to another holiday party – this one on the 23rd. December is going to be a busy one!

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