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I have a moment so I thought I’d write a recap of the past few months.

We went to Spokane over the kids spring break – it was a nice time with family. We went to Lake Couer D’Alene for a little bit. We went to parks. And basically hung out with family. My mom was in the hospital for a couple of the days we were there so we saw her there as well. Things are o.k. now.

In June, Benjamin and Ella turned 6. We had a combined birthday party with another set of boy/girl twins that were born 2 days after Benjamin and Ella at the Mountlake Terrace Swimming pool – that party was with our Parkwood Elementary friends. That was a lot of fun! We also had one at our house for our non-Parkwood friends. That was a lot of fun as well.

The twins finished up kindergarten. I took a picture of them on the last day and compared it to their first day and they certainly have grown!

Over the summer, Benjamin will be starting baseball through the YMCA and also taking a soccer class through Shoreline Parks & Rec. Ella is taking swimming lessons at the Y and taking the same soccer class as Benjamin. Nicholas wanted a mom and child swim class but it was already full. Not sure if we’re going to sign him up for anything until he develops more of an interest in things.

At this time of this writing, I have an annoying cold that I hope will go away soon as I’ll be heading over to Spokane next Friday for a cousin’s wedding. I can’t wait to see my family! I’ll just be going on my own as they requested that no children come. It’s o.k. – we’ll all be going over to Spokane in August for a family reunion (but on the other side of the family) so they’ll see everyone then!

And that’s about it for the time being.

And now, I’ll do a recap on all of the books I’ve read since my last post on that. That will probably take a while…


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P is for Patience

Something I need a lot more of sometimes. I have a feeling my patience will be tested as I drive to Spokane and spend the week there with the 3 kids all on my own, but I am very much looking forward to spending the week with my kids and with my family. I can’t wait until Friday afternoon for my vacation!



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E is for Eager

I am very eager for my vacation in a few weeks. My kids have their spring break on April 22-26 and I am taking the kids to visit my family over in Spokane for the week…on my own. Jon can’t get the time off and this seemed like a great opportunity to visit my family. I’m a little nervous about it, but mostly I can’t wait. It will be nice to hang out with everyone for a few days. And well, I’m eager to be away from work for 9 days.


What are you eager about?

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Hi all – I’ve done something crazy and joined the A to Z challenge. This post is just going to be an introductory one. I don’t have a theme for this challenge so I’ll just write about whatever is on my mind for that day. So I hope you enjoy my ramblings.

I’ll start off today with writing “About” my weekend. This past Friday was Good Friday – the place I work out gives us this day off so I spent the day by first taking my kids to school, then heading over to Target to get Easter supplies, then back to the school so I can lunch with my daughter (she’s 5 and in kindergarten), then acting as a chaperone for my son’s field trip (he’s also 5 – they’re twins and in kindergarten). My daughter’s class was also going on this field trip (can I tell you how weird it still is that I have a daughter and two sons? Three kids call me mommy.) The field trip was interesting and all the kids were really well-behaved. We headed to the ACT Theatre in downtown Seattle to see a dance performance. I had fun and my kids said they enjoyed it. After school ended, we went to pick up my 4 year old and headed to Richmond Beach (a popular place that day).

On Saturday, I started the day with a not fun thing of taking the minivan to get fixed (yet again). I swear just when I think things are going well, something happens so I’ve decided that I just need to think things are shitty all the time, then maybe nothing bad will actually happen. Murphy’s Law works this way, right? After that, I joined my husband and kids at the University of Washington to see the cherry blossoms along with the rest of Seattle – so pretty. We wandered around the campus and looked at Red Square, down to Drumheller Fountain with a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier. This campus is so pretty – I sometimes wish I went to school there just so I could enjoy this campus every day again. We ran into a friend of my twins at UW and so they played for a bit on the railings going up to Suzzallo Library (speaking of beautiful – I used to love studying in the graduate reading room).

After that, we went home for dinner, then off to play at a park because I guess my kids didn’t get enough sunshine. We also enjoyed a couple shakes from Kidd Valley.

On Sunday, we went to church to celebrate Easter, then to a friend’s house to have lunch and have an Easter Egg Hunt. I had a fabulous time there, as usual. Thank you to the McCombs for inviting us over.

It was a wonderful weekend helped out with the wonderful weather we had – between 64 and 69 degrees – and sunny, blue skies.

And now back to the work week. Only 3 weeks to go until I’m on vacation and heading over the mountains to visit my family in Spokane. I’m taking the kids there by myself (something I haven’t done before), so wish me luck!

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Islands. Yesterday, on a beautiful spring day, my husband and I took the kids to a nearby beach. It was in the upper 60s so it wasn’t entirely warm by the water, but we have to take advantage of those sunny Seattle days when we have a chance. The kids enjoyed digging in the sand and we even found a treasure! A little dinosaur!

Of course, the beach by our house isn’t on an island – it is in the Puget Sound. But it did get me thinking of the beautiful (and not so beautiful) days and nights we spent on the beaches in Hawaii. Both of the times we went to Hawaii were before kids and were for weddings. The first time we went was to Maui. Maui is a good island to go to if you just want to getaway – it wasn’t too touristy for the  most part. And we stayed in a really nice condo near the beach.  Well, it was mostly nice. I learned my lesson to not keep food outside the fridge because ants were very eager to take over the food for you. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t so nice for the wedding, but it was still a very nice wedding.

However, the island I liked better was Oahu. On one side, you have Honolulu where all the tourists hang out, and on the other side, it can feel like a real getaway so you can get the best of both worlds in one trip. On the Honolulu side, we went to Pearl Harbor and walked along the beachfront. Then on the North Shore, we stayed at the Turtle Bay Resort. So nice.  It rained quite a bit on that trip (including with the wedding) but it was still a really fun. There was a lot you could do there. We also walked the pathways around the resort, swam in the pool and in the ocean, and spent some time with the wedding party. I loved it and I can’t wait to go back. I’m not sure when we will with 3 kids, but hopefully some day.

What about you? Have you been to Hawaii? What was your favorite trip?

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This Labor Day Weekend, we headed over to Spokane to visit the relatives. We left around 10 a.m. on Saturday morning and got there, I think, about 4 or so. We went over to my sister’s house for a bit before heading over to my parents for dinner. Since my parents only had one highchair (which they didn’t bring out retirement until the next day), it was a bit challenging feeding the children, but we made do by sitting Benjamin (the less squirmy of the two) on a stool and wrapped Jon’s belt around his waist and the chair. It seemed to work out o.k.

Anyway, Sunday afternoon, we headed over to Riverfront Park for Pig out in the Park. Surprisingly enough (sarcasm), I didn’t find much food that is that great for toddlers, but they did end up having what we had – some Indian and Thai food. Benjamin seemed to enjoy it. Ella only a little. Benjamin even got to enjoy some funnel cake. Ella was off somewhere with Jon – she wanted to get down and walk around.

After the feast, we headed over to the arts and crafts area for a bit. While waiting for my sister’s kids and my brother to wander around there, we let Ben & Ella walk around. Ben is doing so well with his walking. After the park time, we were over at my aunt and grandmother’s place, and Benjamin was on a walking frenzy. He walked about 7 feet from myself, around Morgan, to get to Jon. He went back and forth many times. My little guy is so close to walking all on his own. Ella, on the other hand, is trying to run. She looks like she is running sometimes.

Anyway, after visiting with my aunt and grandmother, we went back to my parents. The next day, we met my sister at the Valley Mall, then we went to visit with my other grandmother and one of my other aunts. Thankfully, my grandmother has some kid toys so Ben & Ella were occupied with that, but, of course, though they each had the same EXACT toy, they wanted what the other one had. There was screaming. After that visit, we said goodbye to my aunt, grandmother, and my sister and her kids (Tuesday was the first day of school so we wouldn’t be able to stop by before leaving to say goodbye).

Tuesday morning, was just about getting everything ready. I had hoped to get on the road just when it was time for their nap, but that didn’t happen. Instead, they ended up sleeping in my arms (both of them as they refused to be held by anyone else) as Jon took apart their beds and packed the car. My arms were so numb after that. For the most part, they are good passengers and will play or watch outside or sleep as we drive. However, there are some times when there was some fussiness – mostly coming from Ella. She would get upset that she couldn’t keep her hands behind her head as they kept falling down as she slept. However, we got back home and everything is o.k. now. Though she did slip in the bathroom last night as we were giving them a bath. She slipped on the bathroom floor. We freaked out, but she seems to be o.k. Benjamin, later on. fell in the livingroom and got a bloody nose. What a wonderful thing to happen as soon as we got back.

That’s it. I didn’t take many pictures of us in Spokane, but I know other people did. We got some video of Benjamin walking – someday I’ll upload that. We also took a picture of a Dino Rossi sign saying “Don’t let Seattle steal this election!” Ugh.

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Viva Las Vegas – Day 4

I wrote all the other posts while they were still fresh in my mind, but not this one! I know we started out the day by eating breakfast at a place inside the Hilton. Then we wandered about for a bit before heading out to our rooms to get everything together and checkout. After checking out, we waited for our ride to the airport where we then waited for our ride back home. The ride back was a very bumpy one – the worst bumpy flight I’ve ever been on.

After getting my car, we headed to the place where Kipper was being taken care of, then I brought them home. As soon as I got home myself, I rushed into the house where my children were starting their dinner. I got a huge smile from each of them and I gave them little hugs. I missed them so much while I was away. Jon sent me pictures and left messages of them laughing, but, of course, it wasn’t the same.

edited to add: I forgot about Kelly winning at the blackjack table and me losing at the slot machines before breakfast. She won $27.50 (right, kelly?). Did I also mention that she won $12 something the night before at the casino where the show was at?

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