M is for Mine

Real quick as I don’t have much time.

M is for Mine – all parents have heard this one. With three kids, I feel like we hear this a lot along with the other favorite of “that’s not fair”. What phrases do you hear a lot from your kids?


L is for Lost

That was the first word that popped into my head so Lost it is.

Lost, the TV show or just feeling lost? Probably both.

I enjoyed the tv show – that show had a way of making me want to learn more. Like if they showed a book, I had to know what it was about and why they would show it on the show.

I also feeling a bit lost – as in, how in the world am I going to get done all I need to get done in a 40 hour work week and at home? How? I don’t even know where to begin. Sigh.

That’s all I have time for today. Maybe I’ll have the M post up on time on Monday, but I’m thinking probably not.


I meant to work on this yesterday but work was so crazy so no time for a break and I had a PTA meeting to go to last night. And well, I don’t have much time today either. I’m beginning to think this A-Z challenge is not for me.

Kindergarten. I have twins that are nearing the end of their first year of school. I was so excited for them to start, as were they. They’ve grown a lot and are comfortable with going to their classrooms on their own. ;-(

I remember the first day of dropping them off and taking a ton of pictures. They were so excited to see what this school thing was all about. They felt like big kids and they still do. It is so fun to hear about what they do each day and I had a blast going on one of their recent field trips to see the Seattle Dance Project.

It is so wonderful to see them learning to read and listening to them sound out words that they don’t know. As a book lover, I hope my kids also have a strong love of books too.

The twins are loving school too – I hope that continues too as my husband and I are fans of always learning something new.

I joined the PTA to help make the school a better place for everyone – not just the kids and teachers, but for the parents too. I look forward to doing more with them.


J is for Joy

I should be joyful all the time since it is my middle name after all. I try but, you know, life has its way of bringing you down sometimes.

I have a lot to be joyful about.

My family – there were several years when I thought our family would just be the two of us but thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

I have a job that seems to be secure for the time being.

I have a house.

I have good friends.

For the most part, all is good.

What brings joy to your life?

(Sorry for the short posts – time is short these days).

I is for Irritation

It seems like a few of my posts have been negative. I guess I’m going through a negative phase or something. I promise tomorrow’s will be more joyful. 😀

Today’s irritation (and well, this irritation is an ongoing one) is my vanpool. Specifically, one of the two couples in my vanpool. They are always forcing people to become drivers of our 12 person van and will say that we shouldn’t let others join the van if they aren’t willing/able to become a driver. I do not want to drive this monstrosity and I had an accident a couple years ago so that might prevent me for doing so for another year, but I went ahead and applied again to see if Metro would accept me. The reason I don’t want to drive it is because it is huge. I can handle a minivan but not a 12 person van and do you really want someone who is uncomfortable driving the thing to actually drive it? I wouldn’t.

Anyway, I’m currently awaiting to see if I’ll be accepted and if I am, I hope that this couple will shut up about it because they are really irritating. If I didn’t live so far from work (28 miles each way), I’d drive myself to work because I really can’t stand this couple. They’ve already forced someone out of our van because of their rudeness.

Alright, onto more happier topics.

H is for Heather

Because I couldn’t think of anything else that started with H that I felt I had something to say – how about an “about me” post?

I’m Heather.

I’ve been married for nearly 15 years to Jon.

I graduated from West Valley HS in Spokane in 1991.

I graduated from University of Washington in 1996 (BA in Political Science and Psychology). I took a year off then went to law school at Seattle University – graduating with honors (yay me).

I have 3 children – Benjamin (born 2007), Ella (born 2007) (yes, they’re twins) and Nicholas (born 2009). We used IVF to get pregnant the first time as we had been trying for several years with no success (and no, it wasn’t stress so please don’t say shit like that- IVF was rather stressful too, FYI). We ended up getting pregnant on our own with Nicholas.

I had a blog called Desperately Seeking Baby that described our time going through infertility and parenting afterwards.

I’ve been working in the legal department of a major company since 2002 (technically 2001 as I started as a temp).

I like to read – though I feel I’m a late bloomer in that respect as for a long time, I didn’t read hardly anything at all except what was assigned to me in school.

I have two cats – Oliver and Sophie – both kitties will be turning 9 this year.


G is for Good

Every day someone will inevitably ask you ” how are you doing today?” and you’ll probably answer “I’m good” or “I’m fine” because even if that isn’t the case, most people you talk to don’t want to hear how you’re really doing.

Like I’m tired, anxious about work and raising my children, worried about getting my youngest son potty trained and to stay in his bed at night, wondering if I should be making a better effort in finding a better job, I really should call Comcast about our bill, worried about the future might hold for my mom and her cancer treatments, should I do anything for my 4oth this year because it seems like no one really wants to do anything with me anyway, how am I going to finish that book club book and all those other books I have to read (there is no time) and it goes on and on and on. So we just say fine or good because people don’t really want to know. They are just trying to be polite, as are we when we ask.