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Washington.  Washington is a beautiful state to live in – well, more so the west coast of it (sorry Easterners!). I was born in Spokane, WA, where my family is today, but I didn’t really grow up there. We moved around a bit because of my dad being in the air force throughout that time (we lived in Alaska, Texas and Florida though I only really remember Texas). We  were briefly in Spokane when I was in first grade and came back when I started high school.

After going to Spokane Falls Community College for 2 years, I transferred to University of Washington. I was hooked. Seattle is beautiful. We have mountains off all around us with Mount Rainier to the south of us. On a clear day, I can see its beauty going across I-90 when going to and from work. We then have the Puget Sound and Lake Washington surrounding us. Just pretty! Then there’s Greenlake to walk around.  I can go on and on about places to see in Seattle (Fremont Troll, Seattle Center with the Space Needle, Woodland Park Zoo, Alki Beach, and our favorite (because it is close to us ), Richmond Beach Park, etc.).

Seattle is known for raining and while it does rain a lot, on a sunny day – it is spectacular to live here. The temperature is just right for me most of the time. Not too much snow and not too much heat. Perfect.

Spokane is nice too – Riverfront Park is really nice. And there are many beautiful places to look at along I-90 (Snoqualmie Falls) and other highways in WA – especially the North Cascades Highway. Then, of course, there is Leavenworth! Then down south is Mount St. Helens (I lived in Spokane at the time of the eruption in 1980 – we had TONS of ash) and Vancouver (just a bridge away from Portland, OR).

How about you? Have you been to Washington? What beautiful places are there where you live that I absolutely must visit when I come there?


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